Why We All Secretly Care What People Think



I’ll be the first person to say that I’ve thrown a, “I don’t give a crap what anyone thinks” out there….. but that’s not true.

We, as people, were born with the want to please people, especially those we care about or feel we have to prove something to. So if you were to tell me that there is not one person out there that you care what they think, I’d call you a liar because that’s what you are.

I think we may care more what some people think than others, but regardless deep inside there is always that little voice pulling at our heart saying, “why do they think that?”

Unless you’re just a psychopath then you have a part of you that cares what people think. But, that is okay! Sometimes you need to shrug people off and not give two craps what they say/think, but other times you do need to care.

If you act like a fool at work, you better be caring what your boss thinks cause you’re either going to get fired or fired. Truthfully, there are people in this world that aren’t worth our time or our thoughts, so we should let those little birdies fly away, but still….if you find yourself thinking about that person or their actions, then a tiny ounce of you cares.

I think it’s healthy to care about what some people think or act like  because that shows us good things or bad things – we can easily learn from peoples mistakes. Do you have a person that just makes your skin crawl? That when you see that person or even hear their name it makes you want to just scream? I DO….and the sad thing is, is to an extent that person has a control over you..over me..over us… Why do we let these people have so much of us when they aren’t worth it? I think, its just how we are made..

But, we do need to fix this issue. We can’t just be letting people that do nothing but anger us, continue to control these emotions of ours. What’s the answer? I would say ignore it, but sometimes that’s not enough……. I am not quite sure on my answer.. when I figure it out, I’ll write another post and keep you updated. OR if you have a way to deal with those nemeses on our lives, comment below!!


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