To Spend or Not to Spend

Alright, when I first got a job I was living paycheck to paycheck.. I was only 16, but still. I have learned what managing money is like, especially when I started having to pay my own insurance, car payments, phone bill and all the other wonderfully terrible adult things there are out there.

I am by no means rich, but I don’t hurt for anything. I save as much as I can. I give myself  a limit on spending when I get paid. Enough for my bills and other necessities and maybe some things just for me if I feel like I can do it. I have set a savings goal and I try to not spend money that will set me back from reaching that goal.

One of the main reasons is because if something were to come up and I needed that money, I would have it and then some. You can’t constantly think about emergencies because that may bring stress, but you can plan for a simpler future. Make things easier on yourself before it happens or gets hard.

This is one thing I have realized though. Sometimes you need to spend money on things that are best for you or helpful. For instance, I have had back pain a lot here lately. There was this cordless massage thing I found that is supposed to help tense muscles. Well, it was $100.00 and it was SO HARD for me to spend the money on it. But, thank to my boyfriend for reminding me that if it is something that is going to help you or make you feel better, don’t worry about the money. SO I BOUGHT IT. It is amazing and has helped my back so much.

Now, that is not saying that buying expensive jewelry or a purse is going to help you… I mean make all the excuses you want, but ultimately set your priorities straight and then think of possible future priorities. Then, if you reach a goal and feel good about rewarding yourself, then do it! Don’t be so strict that you’re saving money, but are miserable doing it. But, don’t be so careless that you are spending money and are miserable doing that too. There is a balance for everything, you just have to find yours. Between bills, family, necessities and wants… there is a balance, I promise!

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