The Best Contour & Concealer Palette for a Great Price!

Hey hey hey, it’s time to take makeup advice from someone who is not an expert! I don’t have the money to spend on all of these expensive makeup products, but that is okay because my face has been saved by this wonderful contour and concealer palette I found on Amazon. I wanted to write this post about this makeup because I am just an everyday girl on a budget, I assume most people are. I am always looking for quality makeup for a great price. I searched and searched until I finally bought this product and it is amazing! Now you don’t have to search or spend a ton of money to feel confident and beautiful!

To purchase click on the picture below. Price is only $3.64!!

To purchase click on the photo above! The price is only $3.64!!!

You guys, I am not lying to you. This is a 15 color concealer and contour palette with a soft brush and ONE puff sponge to help blend.

I will admit before I bought this I was a little skeptical and how well it would work given the great price, but it sure showed me. The product stays well on your face and has a light feel, it also blends very well. There are color-correcting palettes to help conceal redness or pimples. Also concealer to help with dark circles. The darker colors on this palette are great for contouring and warming your face up, so that you look naturally tan.

The brush, is the best part of this palette. I use this brush when I apply my foundation and everything! It is so smooth and blends so well, with all types of makeup! Not to mention the packaging is thin, but protective. It is easy to store and pack! Don’t worry about spending a ton of money on expensive concealers or contours, this is your best bet!

If you have any questions on the product or how I use it, please comment or contact me!

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