The Aftermath of a Negative Environment

I seriously, feel like I’ve been surrounded by a big bubble of negative idiots here lately. I literally can’t stand it. With work, all I am around it seems like is drug addicts. 

I wanted to work with mental health patients. While, I know mental illness may be tied with drugs sometimes because there is drug induced mental illness, however there is still a difference between that and just flat out drug addiction. 

I didn’t get into substance abuse because I don’t have the patience for it or knowledge to understand it. I’m fully okay with admitting that. It’s just not my strong suit or an interest of mine. 

It seems that all of my patients here lately are drug addicts. That literally just are after 3 hots and a cot. ITS NOT COOL. The way our health care systems and policies are laid out, you about can’t deny anyone either. But, when it’s a psychiatric unit, you shouldn’t be getting drug addicted patients that just did something stupid to get admitted and don’t want any help. It’s a viscous circle that just blows the systems money for people who actually need help.

This is one of my least positive post. Call me mean, blantant, close minded, rude whatever. I have experienced this first hand. It’s not alright. Mental health is a real thing, that gets a bad rep because of people like this who abuse the system. 

So, when I come to work to help those who can’t help themselves because they literally don’t have the ability to, I end up with a bunch of people who could help themselves if they hadn’t have burnt all their bridges or if they wanted to stop drugs. It’s so much negativity that I am just not cut out for. 

Here is you a little snippet of how I feel about the environment I work in. It’s so discouraging. Praise to the people who work in substance abuse because those people have a true patience and empathy towards those with substance abuse. I am just not that person. 

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