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I’m not going to do a post on how to cope with anxiety because I have already written a post on how I cope with it and my suggestions, but I am going to discuss how to recognize your anxiety.

We, as human beings, are all imperfect. We all have anxiety over some situations in our life. It’s totally normal. I think in some anxiety provoking situations we just need to tough it out and get through it, but there are other situations that cause a heightened anxiety that isn’t necessarily as simple as “toughing it out”.

You have different types of anxiety. You have the anxiety that you may experience while driving in crazy traffic, taking an important exam, or when going through a bad break-up. Usually this is just general anxiety. When experiencing this anxiety you may feel like you have “knots in your stomach”, shortness of breath, sweaty palms, tenseness, and even crying or agitation (depending on how your body responds). Typically, these feelings do not last long. Maybe a few minutes or a couple days (depending on the situation). This type of anxiety usually doesn’t interfere with your day to day activities, sleep or ability to do your usual things. This anxiety usually goes away with time.

*It is also important to note that sometimes general anxiety, if not recognized and dealt with, can lead to extreme anxiety.*

Extreme Anxiety

Then, you may experience a type of anxiety that has become like a huge stumbling block in your daily life. It may effect your sleeping, appetite, ability to concentrate, ability to cope with small stressful situations, your ability to work, or to do anything. This type of anxiety effects every aspect of your life. If you realize that you are having this anxiety that has not only hindered you from being your best, but is taking a huge tole on your personal life, as well, I encourage you to take action. This type of anxiety can lead to depression, health problems, huge decrease in your quality of life and it can also effect relationships in your life too. Sometimes therapy helps, medication, beginning hobbies, or taking a break from primary stressors.

Don’t neglect yourself because you think you can just tough everything out. Sometimes it gets to the point where it overtakes you and then you may get to a point where it has negatively effected your life to the point of no turning back.

If you can’t figure out which is general anxiety or extreme anxiety talk to your doctor or a counselor. Someone who can help you distinguish between the two. Anxiety is a tricky topic and is nothing to be ashamed over. But, I do encourage you to not allow yourself to use anxiety as an excuse to not do anything with your life or an excuse to not take risks. Don’t allow yourself to stay in a rut-pushing yourself can be the most helpful treatment sometimes.

Please comment with your experience of anxiety.

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