Real Friends or Fake Friends

Well well well,

The basis of this post is obvious. How do you know who is your real friend and who is your fake friend? Well, let’s look at it this way. How can you tell if someone really cares for you? There are signs that make this obvious.

First off, I want you to think of someone who you think is your best friend. What are some main characteristics of that persons relationship with you that makes you think they are a “true friend”? I’ll help you out a little, some aspects could be…..

  • Honesty (even when it hurts)
  • Being comfortable around one another
  • Knowing it’s alright to fuss like siblings (you’ll forget about it later)
  • Someone that supports you being you!

There are much more aspects of a true friend, but those were just some that popped in my head. I think we’ve all dealt with those people that you think you can trust, but you’re not really sure-so you keep your guard up or write them off. Usually your “gut feeling” says a lot. For instance, if you have a friend who is always worried about the best scenerio for themselves and never shows interest in the betterment of you, then they probabaly aren’t a true friend.

True friends focus on each others success. Your success is important to them, just like their success should be important to you. That’s not to say that jealousy won’t raise its ugly head every now and then, but true friends talk it out and recognize their love for one another at the end of it.

Do you care what your “friend’s” advice is, or do you find yourself never wanting to open up out of fear of judgement? This can be one of two things… your friend is being true and honest with you and it may just come across as being judgmental OR the friendship lacks the respect and sincerity, so the advice is shallow and uninformative.

If you feel like your friend is true but you also feel like you’re being judged everytime you seek advice, then talk to this friend of yours. How they respond and handle the situation will tell you about the quality of your friendship.

So, if you’re questioning a friendship of yours and talking about it hasn’t helped, it may be best to focus on yourself and the people in your life who you know have your back.



P.S I’m currently about to help a friend of mine do her nursing school homework (browny friend points for me)!


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