Pet Peeves for Days – What Are Yours?

Oh my gosh, this post is probably going to make my skin crawl just talking about all of my pet peeves, but I want to talk about mine and hear about yours.

I find probably some of the SMALLEST things annoying, but I guess that is the point of a pet peeve right? Here is my list,

  • SLOW DRIVERS. I can’t stand when someone goes the actual speed limit or under. In my mind you’re supposed to go 5 – 10 mph over the speed limit.
  • Chomping. If it’s chewing gum or food, I can’t take the chomping. My dad is the worse at this, drives me bananas.
  • Asking questions during a movie or TV show. OH MY GOSH, just don’t start watching it in the middle of it when you know nothing about it. Please, I can’t handle it.
  • Leaving clothes everywhere. My boyfriend is the poster child for this one. He has the tendency to just take his clothes off and throw them in the floor. We don’t live together, so it’s like anytime I go to his house, there are just clothes everywhere. Ugh.
  • Being unorganized. I hate when I leave something neat and organized and get back to it and there is just crap everywhere. Just put things back where they belong, it’s that easy.
  • Don’t touch my stuff! This is my moms domain here. She sometimes goes a little crazy when cleaning or picking up, so she tends to just move everything or throw it away. Then, when I go to look for whatever it is, it is gone and I get SO frustrated.

These are all of my pet peeves I can think of for now. Ultimately, everyone has them. I’m sure I have some things that just get on people’s nerves. I think it is funny that we all have these things that are kind of irrelevant to the really important things in life, but they do the job at getting our blood boiling. Sometimes, I try to calm myself down when I get aggravated, but it doesn’t seem to work. Especially, when it comes to slow drivers. Oh my goodness, my road rage is just out of this world sometimes.

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