Need Some Good Therapy? Try a dog

I bet you got what this post was about just by reading the title, huh?

Well, the reason I am writing about the greatness of dogs is because where I live we recently had a lot of snow and I was able to spend so much time with my little fur-babies and I realized how truly thankful I am for them. I don’t have kids, so my dogs are absolutely my children.

If you have pets have you ever noticed how they can read your emotions? Like, when I’m upset my dogs can totally tell and they want to give me kisses or come lay on me (like they are trying to make me feel better). If you’re angry, they can definitely tell that too. But what is therapeutic about animals? Well, in my opinion it is having something that needs you. If you’re going through a tough time of heartbreak or maybe the loss of a loved one, having an animal that relies on you and loves you endlessly can take your mind off of the negative things in life.

I mean, dogs are the pets that show their love and loyalty to their owners the most. I have a cat and have had other pets, but none of them get me quite like my pups do. As soon as I come in the door, even if it’s only after being outside for 5 minutes, they greet me as if I have been gone for a lifetime. They easily make you feel loved and not alone.

Dogs aren’t used as “Service Dogs” for no reason. They have gifts that allow them to help people with anxiety, depression or they can even tell if their owner is about to have a seizure (with the right training).

But, if you aren’t an animal person or maybe your severely allergic to anything that has fur – here is an idea for you. Try taking care of something. Something that relies on you solely to survive. If you struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD or just loneliness having that responsibility can take your mind off of all of the internal struggles going on in your head.

Examples of something to take care of could be – animals, pet fish, garden of flowers or vegetables, a project (i.e. art or construction, etc.), re-designing your home (or someone else’s), an experiment or A BLOG. There are endless ideas of HEALTHY things you can do to help yourself cope with things in life. It won’t be easy, nothing ever is, but when you train yourself to deal with the tough things in a healthy way, your mind and body become accustom to doing something positive to get through things.

Wanna meet my pups?

Asher – Silver Lab

6 months old / 40 lbs

Pj – Australian Shepard

15 months / 37 lbs

Lola – Maltese/Shitzu

4 years old / 10 lbs

Please comment below things you do that help you get through tough times in life, or if you have pets share some things about them! Please share and subscribe to my blog! Lets share the puppy love!


  1. Brian | 14th Jan 17

    I really enjoy my pup to also my chickens and turkeys . But my dog has my heart well except for
    My Wife and my daughters. There the ones I love the most.
    Thanks for the blog 🐶

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