Moving Past Heartbreak

I’m sure we have all been in relationships that have ended up in heartbreak, but friendships, sibling relationships, even parent-child relationships can end up in heartbreak. Sometimes when you’re hurting so bad it seems like you feel lost without whoever it is that is making you hurt and you couldn’t possibly move on, but I have good news. You CAN!

It’s the inevitable, life is filled with heartbreak, but luckily we have found answers to dealing with it. I would like to say that this post is coming from a woman’s perspective – men and women handle emotional situations differently. But, male or female if this post resignates with you and helps you, please let me know!

First off, I have a sister, so growing up anything emotional was of course of dramatized because we are females (bless my daddy’s heart). However, we always figured out how to get through things, thanks to support from our parents too – and realizing that we cannot change things that we have no control over.

One of the hardest things that makes getting over heartbreak even more difficult is our minds. We tend to sit and marinate on all of the things that hurt us or think of things we could have done differently – while it is good to think about how we can avoid past mistakes in the future, we should not sit and ponder on the hurt, which inadvertently makes us think about how we could change it. That just makes things harder. What we should focus on is getting passed it and knowing that we are going to be okay.

Sometimes, we might have done something wrong to lose a relationship we really cared about and unfortunately it is not up to us to get that back. If the other person chooses to leave we have to understand and respect that. I know that is much easier said than done, but during this time we will learn from our wrong doings and work on making ourselves better.

Sometimes, someone does something to us and we are the ones who chose to leave the relationship; however, we miss that person and don’t want to be separated from them. At this time is when you must make a very difficult decision. Is this person truly remorseful? Does this person truly care about me? Will this person continue to hurt me? Everyone makes mistakes and the important factor to making this decision is ONLY if you know that the person learned from the mistake he/she made.

At the end of the day we need to look at the light at the end of the tunnel and if you can’t see one, then make one. As I stated in a previous post, with time things always get better.

Some examples of how to get through the super-tough and “fresh” parts of the heartbreak are

  • Keep yourself busy, so your mind is focused on something besides the hurt.
  • Find something that you enjoy to do, to increase positive energy in your life.
  • Hang around people that support you and love you.
  • Focus on growing yourself and getting farther in life.
  • Make yourself better.

Ultimately, this happens way too often, but people are so hurt that this pain can lead to depression and untreated depression can often lead to suicide. If you are feeling depressed or know someone who is, please see a professional who could help you or your loved one get through this difficult time in life. It is important for you to understand that even though you may feel that your life is “over” or “not worth it”, there are people that love you and do not want to live without you. You are always worth it and no person is worth giving your life up for.

If you have comments about how you’ve dealt with heartbreak or depression please comment below. Please share so we can reach more people who need this! Subscribe for more!


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