Letter to your younger self – What would it say?

If you were to write a letter to your younger self, what would it say?

WOW, some may say they wouldn’t change a thing when they were younger, some may say words of encouragement, others may say “You’re stupid, quit acting like that.” I for one, would be the one to say, “You’re stupid, quit acting like that.” If you read my high school story then you would see that I was stupid in high school and I was a handful for my parents.

I understand that my younger self letter would be sent to my high school me, some of yours may be sent to your early 20’s you, or college you, or heck maybe your 30’s you. Regardless of which age group we would be sending our letter to, what is important is knowing exactly what we would say to our younger self and why.

Like me, I would tell my younger self that my parents were doing all they could for me and I should be appreciative and not take all of my blessings for granted. I would also tell myself to talk to my family about issues because they were much wiser than the other people my age that I was seeking advice from. I would also tell myself to never let a guy define who I am or what I am worth.

I recognize other people have been through extremely traumatic events during their younger days. Some may have endured abuse and their letter would be sent to give their younger self hope and strength, that the nightmare won’t last forever. Leanne from llcoaching.com writes the benefits she discovered when she wrote a letter to her younger self they are as follows,

  • “It helped to heal parts of my past and gave me closure on difficult periods of my life by taking the time to give myself the love and understanding that I needed at the time, but did not receive.
  • It helped me to forgive myself and others for the pain and upset I experienced.
  • It helped me to gain clarity about ares of my life that are still being affected by my past as well as areas where I am not following my own advice.
  • It helped me out of my funk by increasing my happiness, strengthening my self-esteem, and giving me inner peace.
  • I can now share my knowledge and advice with others who may be in need of support or inspiration.”

These are several benefits to writing a letter to your younger self, if anything it allows you to get frustration out to your younger self that you may still hold over your own head. If you are experiencing conflict within your heart or mind regarding your past or how you are living now and you feel that you need an outlet, I would suggest to try writing a letter to your younger self. Keep it in a safe place, so if you ever need some encouragement or a reminder to practice what you preach you will be able to read it.

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  1. Jennifer Godfrey | 9th Feb 17

    I love this!! I so wish I could actually send a letter to my younger self…. my younger, naive, and foolish self. Warning me to make different choices. Warning me to not overlook a host of red flags that were once invisible to me, but now seem glaringly obvious. But I suppose I must resign myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be. Who I am today without all the good and bad experiences that life has subjected me to. On second thought, if I could write a letter to my younger self, it wouldn’t necessarily be to make different choices, it would be to advise myself to be more forgiving; more forgiving to myself, and to life itself.
    I love your blog, Amber… it prompts me to think about things in a productive kind of way! Love you! Xo

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