Lets Overcome the Struggles of Life

Life is tough. Everyone goes through struggles, some worse than others, but nonetheless they are struggles. How do we overcome those struggles in a healthy productive way? Well, there are a lot of things you could do, but first you have to identify with your struggle.

Identifying With Your Struggle  allows you to take hold of what you’re going through and REALLY understand it. How can you fix a problem if you don’t understand it? You can’t. We want to think smarter, not harder. Sometimes it’s not just understanding your problem, but making yourself aware of what you are dealing with.

Making Yourself Aware helps you to get through those really hard times that are impossible to understand why they are happening. Sometimes it seems like you may never get through it, but you will. I remember going through a struggle where I felt my life was over, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks-“Right now, life is tough, but with time I will heal and get better.” When I realized that, that is when I identified with my struggle, made myself aware and took my life by the reigns and said “no matter what, I am in control.”

Realizing It takes Time is probably one of the hardest parts of overcoming the struggles of life (at least it is for me anyways). If you’re an inpatient person like me you will understand why this step is so hard. No one likes to wait for the pain to go away, so how could we? Well, the only answer is we have no other choice. As we wait for time to pass and the wounds to heal, we take the appropriate steps to quicken up the process.

The Appropriate Steps to Healing are VERY important and some of these steps can be misunderstood for weakness or the inability to move past things. First off, LET IT OUT. Cry, scream, roll around on the floor however you release your emotions, DO IT (as long as you are not putting your self or others in danger). It  is okay to cry or scream, that is how we express emotions and that is the first step in releasing all of those negative emotions, so you can begin your healing process.

Secondly, talk about it. Sometimes your situation is so tough that you don’t even want to think about what you’re going through, much less talk about it, but I assure you TALKING IS GOOD. Find someone you trust, someone who’s opinion you value-even a therapist would be good, if that is what you chose to do. Ultimately, talking about it will allow you to gain a different perspective of your problems and gain the advice and support of someone else, so that you have someone on your side helping you through your struggles.

Last but not least, recognize any bad behavior. When I say this I mean, is there something that you could have done differently to prevent the situation you are going through? If so, learn from it. Don’t be afraid to say, “I messed up. I have to do better next time to avoid this struggle.” Recognizing bad behavior is one of the best ways to learn and grow and avoid repeating the same life struggles over and over and over.

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