How to Ease Anxiety with Natural Supplements

Here lately I have had more anxiety than usual. Part of it stems from work, part stems from not being able to sleep. I have found myself that on my days off I almost felt depressed and I just felt exhausted-had no energy.

I decided it was time to not let this get to me any longer. I am not a big pharmaceutical medication person, so I try to do natural supplements.

My Anxiety Advice – I went to my local health food store and I picked up an herbal supplement called, Serene Science-Theanine Serene with Relora. This is an all natural supplement that helps with anxiety. It does not make you feel drowsy, it just helps you relax and be able to stay focused. I would really recommend this product. Below I placed a link to a website if you are interested in purchasing it. You can also get this from your local health food store, GNC and Walmart. I also have found that picking up hobbies and exercising helps tremendously. For instance, I have gotten to where I will walk/run 4 days a week. Outside if it is pretty, but I will on the treadmill. 30 minutes a time. I also purchased one of the adult coloring books that are very intricate and I have been coloring those at night to help me relax. If coloring or art isn’t your thing you can do other things (i.e. read books or magazines, listen to music, write music, write poetry). You don’t want to do anything that requires energy because the point is to relax.

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My Sleep/Back Pain Advice – I have had back issues since I was young. Well, here lately, due to anxiety I believe, my back has been killing me. I would sleep maybe 3 hours, wake up and not be able to sleep due to back pain. I did some research on this topic, specifically because I do not have the money right now to go to the chiropractor or a massage therapist regularly. After a lot of research I found that if you have back pain it is better to sleep on a firmer mattress. I had about a 4  inch foam topper on my bed, well I removed that. I also found that sleeping with a pillow between your knees helps take the strain off your back when you are sleeping because it aligns your spine. I also purchased a memory foam pillow from Walmart, it was about $15.00. It is designed to support your neck while sleeping. I have tried the expensive pillows like this before and they didn’t work out for me because they were so hard or uncomfortable. However, the pillow I got from Walmart has been wonderful so far.

I also discovered something called Valerian Root. It is also an herbal supplement that helps you relax and fall asleep and stay asleep. This stuff is AMAZING! It stinks really bad though because I guess the natural herbal part of it doesn’t smell good, but who cares, it is great. You take 3 an hour before bed and you can feel it relaxing you. But it doesn’t have the drunkening effects that lets say, Ambien, has on people. This doesn’t make you feel like you have no control.

*You can purchase the Valerian Root at Walmart, GNC or your local health food store, as well.

By the way, I don’t think drunkening is a word, but it sounded good!

I really hope this helps you if you are struggling with anxiety, sleep or back problems. If you have any questions please comment below!

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