Parent's Play a Big Role

Its biologically, physically, emotionally and mentally obvious that teenagers all go through hormonal changes. That is when our bodies “mature”, but usually our brains are left pulling up the caboose for later years.

At this time is when most parents are tormented by the bad attitudes and roller coaster of emotions that teenagers experience during this time. But, I am a firm believer that parents can contribute to the unreasonable behaviors of teenagers during this time.

For me, I went through a lot of emotions-I was the definition of an emotional roller coaster, but I can’t blame it all on the hormonal changes because I was also a big brat.

I didn’t listen to my parents, I rebelled, I looked to people for advice that were worse off than I was. I was just reckless, which is easy for all teenagers, but parents play a big part in the behaviors of their teen.

For instance, a teenager having a screaming match with her parents because she didn’t get her way and then the parents just give in because they are tired of arguing….. what does that lead to? A BRAT. A child who knows how and which buttons to push and for how long to be able to get their way.

I was split with my parents. I had one that was tougher than the other on me, so being the little brat I was, I learned how to get my way with stuff OR at least ease my punishment.

How do we tell the difference between a brat and hormonal teen? Well, brats typically won’t apologize unless it is going to get them something they want. Brat’s never think they’re wrong, they dang sure won’t admit it. Brat’s are just flat out mean. While not every hormonal teen is a brat, most of us go through a bratty stage. But, remember parents, you play a role in it too. Stick together through the arguments, temper tantrums, emotional roller coasters and drama scenes because your teen needs a strong parental guidance to help them make the best decisions and to know they are responsible for their own behaviors. AND always be there and let them know, they have a full support system… that will love them no matter what, but will also hold them accountable.

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