Ever Feeling Delusional? Join the Club 

Alright guys, this story stems off of the fact that I work 3rd shift and a lot of the time (especially on the days I work) I feel like I have “3rd shift brain”. Third shift brain is a name my coworkers and I made up to really describe a delusional way of thinking.

It’s when you can’t say the right words, but maybe you’re thinking the right words. Or maybe you’re not thinking the right words and you definitely don’t say anything close to the right words, OR maybe you’re brain is having so many “brain farts” that possibly thinking at all takes as much energy as running a marathon. This, my friends, is “3rd shift brain.” Even if you don’t work third shift, you can still have the effects of third shift brain. It’s just from your brain being so tired, as well as your body not feeling energetic either.

How do we cope with this you ask? WE DONT. The only help is to get off work and sleep it off. I have found that one of the best ways to relax and get rid of the 3rd shift brain feeling or exhausted feeling is to just rest. Meaning, sleep or just laying on the couch, eating snacks and watching tv. Resting doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping. Your body needs more than sleep, it needs rest. Relaxation. A time away from all the craziness your day has been filled with.

This post is semi-humorous, but it’s totally legit. You’re body can NOT make it through without having the proper rest. You’ve gotta take good care of yourself. So, no matter how hard you work, remember taking care of yourself will allow you to work THAT much harder. To all the moms and dads out there, you’re children need you to be on your game. Don’t neglect yourself due to a busy schedule. Moms, take a nice bubble bath with some candles, maybe even a glass of wine. Just relax. Dads, go play some games with your friends, or sit on the couch and take a “siesta” as my dad likes to say. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, so you can be your best you everyday.

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