Enjoying the Little Things

The picture above represents two of the most beautiful things I find here on earth- sunflowers and sunsets-they relax me, while making me think of all of the beautiful creations on earth and how I should appreciate them all. The other thing about this photo that makes it so special is this was right in my back yard. This magnificent scene is right outside my door-talk about lucky. 

One of the things that makes life the most fulfilling is when we put all of our crap aside and enjoy the little things around us. Like, sunsets, sunrises, a cool breeze, the sound of people laughing, the smell of amazing food or the sloppy kisses we get from our fur-babies. 

One thing in life we often forget is how to put away the things that make us angry, sad, anxious or stressed. Not saying we should totally ignore them, but we can’t focus on those things all the time or we would go insane. 

If there is one thing I’ve realized is that sometimes it’s the little things that make us feel the biggest-that put our lives in perspective. All of our hardships are just stepping stones to get to where we are supposed to be. Ultimately, taking a step back to look at all of the beautiful creations around us and all of the sweet blessings we have, will give us the motivation to kick this life’s butt. 

Look at how big the sunflower can grow, look at how colorful the sunset can be… the earth was working hard to give us those amazing things to look at. Why shouldn’t we work hard to also give amazing things back?  

Comment the little things that make you feel big! 

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  1. Brian | 16th Jul 17

    The Greatest things in life are those we tend to over look.
    Good word girl.

  2. Kaila Edwards | 16th Jul 17

    Beautiful pic! I would say thank the Lord for giving us beautiful creations to look at. He is the creator of all beauty and is the most creative one of all!

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