Dads be Dads 

I recognize that unfortunately too many children grow up without a father in their life. This plays a bigger role in the future of a child than I think people realize. This post is specifically pointed towards a dad being a dad for his daughter.

I have a great dad. I literally couldn’t ask for a better dad to have, which shows me how important having a dad is in a young girls life.

Growing up, my dad was my security. He still is, but he’s taught me to take care of myself and be independent. However, when I was little I needed someone to protect me and make me feel better when I was scared (while my mom helped tremendously with that too, I was a big daddy’s girl).

From what I can remember I spent the majority of my time with my daddy. He was my best friend. He taught me how to grow a garden, how to ride a four-wheeler, feed the chickens, build things and ultimately speak my mind and grow my own values and beliefs.

Ultimately, a father is a representation to his daughter. A representation of a future mate that she will look for. If a daughter has a positive perception of her father she will seek out those positive things in a spouse, but the negative things are what can cause issues. Sometimes we see how our father treats our mother or women in general and naturally we adopt those behaviors as normal, but sometimes those aren’t good behaviors.

That is why DADS you need to be GOOD DADS. Not a dad that sends money every month or buys your kid whatever she wants. But a dad that listens, encourages, builds up and ultimately sets a great example for the standard of a man your daughter should have in her life.

This is where the future starts – in childhood. Recognize that and build your daughters up. Ask yourself what kind of man you would want for your daughter and see if that is the type of man you are being to your wife, or showing your daughter she deserves.

I’ll probably write another post about dads being dads for their sons, but this is all for now!


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