Childhood – Mine & Yours

*my sister (left) : dad : mom : me*

First off, I want to start this post my stating everyone’s childhoods are different. I am giving this rundown of how I grew up, so you can get to know me better and we can grow on a more personal level. Feel free to comment about similarities or differences that you experienced during your childhood. After all, we begin to be shaped into the people we are as adults during our childhood-it’s a vital time in everyone’s life. Well, here we go.

My childhood was great. My parents have been married for almost 30 years. I grew up in a Christian household (if you are not, don’t worry, no judgement here-it’s all open). My family was big, but very close. I have an older sister-we are 4.5 years apart. We had a normal sister relationship I would say. I grew up hanging out with my dad the majority of my time. I liked four-wheelers, hunting, fishing and anything that involved hanging out with him. My sister was into all of the girly activities that was with my mom. My daddy taught me self-defense and how to shoot a gun. I never was a big shopper or anything like that: To this day, I’m still not.

Part of growing up being a “tom-boy” or “daddys-girl” meant I was the tough one. I knew how to handle myself (I liked to think I did at least). I think growing up being the tom-boy made life easier on me in ways, but also made life a bit more difficult. How could life be difficult for a little kid? Well, the older I got, I began to feel like I had this reputation to uphold for being the tough one or the one that never gets hurt. This caused me to keep a lot of my emotions in because I never wanted anyone to know I was hurting or that things bothered me.

This way of thinking increased when I started high school, but I will save that story for another post. My biggest thing from this is as a little kid I started thinking being “tough” meant keeping things in, not crying, not letting physical or emotional pain bother me (or at least not letting that pain show). I let this spiral out of control as I started life as a high school student. Don’t get me wrong, my parents were and still are wonderful, but to an extent I wish I would have been more balanced out emotionally or showed how to balance my emotions, so that I wasn’t “too tough” or “too emotional”-this balance could have probably made my life easier as I progressed into adulthood.

I guess the overall question of this post is, what was your childhood like? What about the childhood of your children now, if you have them? Have you noticed an unbalanced form of emotional or non-emotional expression from your children? My best advice for this post is pay close attention to your children and how they deal with things emotionally, make sure they know it is alright to let every emotion or thought they have out.

Please comment or ask questions. Share your story as a child, your experiences or how your children are now. Lets talk!

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