My High School Life – Oh Boy

I first want to say, this post like my childhood post, is strictly so you guys can get to know me more and understand my perspective.

First off, I had a pretty pleasant time in high school. I would never go back, unless it was to NOT make some of the mistakes I did make-but they were learning experiences, right? I went to a private Christian school in middle school (that’s a pretty boring story, I won’t even post about). After 8th grade I finally talked my parents into letting me go to a public high school. To say the least, I was not prepared for that.

I had been sheltered my whole life. I did not know what I was walking into going from private to public schools. I didn’t know a whole lot of people at my high school, but for some reason upon my arrival a whole lot of people did not like me. At first I never said much, I kept to myself. Then I grew to not understand why people didn’t like me and they didn’t really know me. My friends who knew me, liked me pretty good (I’d like to think). I started to feel bullied (this is not something I have told a lot of people, one of those things I learned to keep in). So, instead of becoming sad, I became angry. I grew to have a pretty bad attitude and I always had a guard up. It was a hurt them before they hurt me type of thing.

I did play sports. I played soccer all four years of high school, I was a cheerleader for three and I ATTEMPTED cross country (I hated just running). I loved the time of playing sports and growing relationships with people who wanted to know the real me. Unfortunately, I let the people who didn’t want to know who I really was run my judgment, my attitude and how I handled myself. I wasn’t the best at making informed decisions, I was pretty impulsive. I thought I knew it all, or maybe I just wanted to avoid someone telling me I was wrong?

Childhood – Mine & Yours

*my sister (left) : dad : mom : me*

First off, I want to start this post my stating everyone’s childhoods are different. I am giving this rundown of how I grew up, so you can get to know me better and we can grow on a more personal level. Feel free to comment about similarities or differences that you experienced during your childhood. After all, we begin to be shaped into the people we are as adults during our childhood-it’s a vital time in everyone’s life. Well, here we go.

My childhood was great. My parents have been married for almost 30 years. I grew up in a Christian household (if you are not, don’t worry, no judgement here-it’s all open). My family was big, but very close. I have an older sister-we are 4.5 years apart. We had a normal sister relationship I would say. I grew up hanging out with my dad the majority of my time. I liked four-wheelers, hunting, fishing and anything that involved hanging out with him. My sister was into all of the girly activities that was with my mom. My daddy taught me self-defense and how to shoot a gun. I never was a big shopper or anything like that: To this day, I’m still not.