Enjoying the Little Things

The picture above represents two of the most beautiful things I find here on earth- sunflowers and sunsets-they relax me, while making me think of all of the beautiful creations on earth and how I should appreciate them all. The other thing about this photo that makes it so special is this was right in my back yard. This magnificent scene is right outside my door-talk about lucky. 

One of the things that makes life the most fulfilling is when we put all of our crap aside and enjoy the little things around us. Like, sunsets, sunrises, a cool breeze, the sound of people laughing, the smell of amazing food or the sloppy kisses we get from our fur-babies. 

One thing in life we often forget is how to put away the things that make us angry, sad, anxious or stressed. Not saying we should totally ignore them, but we can’t focus on those things all the time or we would go insane. 

If there is one thing I’ve realized is that sometimes it’s the little things that make us feel the biggest-that put our lives in perspective. All of our hardships are just stepping stones to get to where we are supposed to be. Ultimately, taking a step back to look at all of the beautiful creations around us and all of the sweet blessings we have, will give us the motivation to kick this life’s butt. 

Look at how big the sunflower can grow, look at how colorful the sunset can be… the earth was working hard to give us those amazing things to look at. Why shouldn’t we work hard to also give amazing things back?  

Comment the little things that make you feel big! 

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Stop Doubting Your Greatness

So I have been the queen of sucking-it-up when it comes to posting things. I’ve made excuses on why I can’t write, or saying “I don’t feel like it, no one reads my stuff anyways.” Well, while that may be true… writing is still something that interests me… and I’ve been writing for all the wrong reasons.

I shouldn’t be doing this for you or joe-blow, I should be doing this for me. So, as a goal for myself I’m going to try to do my absolute best to write more than I have been..and try to get to writing everyday…

What lead me to this epiphany you may ask? Well, it’s this book…

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life


I’ve inserted a link through amazon for you guys. This book, is amazing. The author, Jen Sincero, really calls you out on your crap. She puts things in a perspective that you just can’t argue with…. so if you don’t like the truth, or are a little emotional about anything that you’re probably doing wrong or should be doing different then be prepared for this book to piss you off… but if you let it… it will change your heart, your mind, your being.

I strongly encourage anyone who needs a good kick the fanny, a different outlook on certain things, or just in need of some self-help (because we can never stop improving) to read this book. You won’t regret it.

I plan on using what I learn from this book to help me with some of my posts. I also encourage you to know that you are great. Doubting yourself gets you nowhere. Go out. Kick butt. Show the ones that doubted you how much wrong they were.

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Whole heart, no heart or a little in-between?

Welllllll, I’m ultimately writing this to express my feelings of what I’ve been experiencing since I quit my job, have been looking for a new one, as well as, an epiphany I’ve had through this entire process. 

I’m usually the type of person that if I have a goal to meet or a particular job to do, I’m going to do it to the best of my ability. But, while I was working my last job, I realized how disconnected my mind and heart were. I really just DIDN’T care. I’ve not ever really had that feeling. So it was a big deal to feel that, but that leads me to the question…. should you do something even when you know your heart isn’t totally in it, or maybe it’s a little bit in it, but you’re unsure? Should we just do it because it seems like we are supposed to? 
My answer is, I DON’T KNOW. How do you decide that? With a job for instance, sometimes we settle for what we aren’t crazy about just because we have to support ourselves and our families, but does that mean you stop looking for what your heart will be totally invested in? OR, do you keep the mediocre job, because your heart is totally invested in your family? 

Life is so confusing. So confusing. I think ultimately, where our heart is leading us… we must go. We must take care of that little feeling inside of us that won’t shut up. Or in other words, listen to your “gut” (thanks dad). I think sometimes in life, it is inevitable that we must do things our hearts aren’t fully invested in…. that’s usually called compromise (in relationships)… but we can’t be naive to think that everything we do, we are going to love… but we can’t give up the idea that we can totally make the dream of loving what we do everyday, a reality. 

Always work towards what your heart tells you it wants. 
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Is your work, worth your life?

Well, as many of you know I recently quit my first job out of college. While it was one of the most difficult decisions I made, for many reasons, it was a great one. 

First off, I worked 3rd. I may be being a big baby, but it’s not for everyone–fyi I’m one of those it’s NOT for. Plus, anxiety from the job and a lack of fulfillment had something to do with my ultimate decision. 

Given that I’m only 23, I have my entire life ahead of me. I dont want to settle for something that makes me miserable, just because it’s bringing in some money (which wasn’t enough for the headache it caused me)….. let’s face it-the majority of our lives, is work. So, don’t you wanna do something that makes you feel alive and thankful, instead of something that makes you feel frustrated and unhappy? 

Well, I did. I do. I will find that. I refuse to settle for less, to settle for something I’ve grown numb to, just because society says we must work. NO. That’s not what life is. Sure, call my decisions wreckless, careless, or whatever else you feel-I wouldn’t argue with you either. But, I know, the type of person I am… I can’t just settle.

I realize it’s harder for those of you who have kids and a lot of bills…but I encourage you to never ever stop looking for your dream! Society has us so stuck on 9 to 5’s or just working for the pay… but it should be so much more than that. If 9 to 5 is what makes you happy, then do it. Just don’t ever put yourself last. That leads to burnout, QUICK. 

P.S: sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’m trying to get back to a regular routine. 

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Finding Time is Like Pulling Teeth

Ever feel like you have no time for anything, but you go over your week in your head and you realized you could have done so much more? Story of my life. I’m a planner. I like to have everything planned and organized, so that i don’t have to think or worry about it for the rest of the week. 

Well, as you’ve seen in my other posts, I’ve went through a season here lately of confusion and feelings I need to move on from certain things….. so I’ve realized my brain is booked, but my schedule isn’t. 

How do we get the most of out of our short time here on earth? Well, here is how. Stop planning. Stop worrying. Stop driving yourself nuts where when you have something nice planned, you can’t even enjoy it because you’re thinking of the rest of the week. 

Enjoy the now. So cliche, I know. But it’s true. Appreciate all of the wonderfulness in every day, every hour, every minute, every second and millisecond… you get the point. 

Being young we have all these ideas of what we want, need, or should be doing. But really, we need to just be living this life to the fullest. Not spending our days drinking our lives away, partying, or doing everything we can to not grow up. But be an adult. Adults still have fun, but in a good way. Trying to be a child the rest of your life didn’t turn out good for anyone! 

It’s okay to plan. Just don’t let it ruin the now. Don’t let the thoughts about the next thing, or the future ruin everything you could be enjoying right now. 

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Are You as Confused as I am?

Being almost 23 years old, we are in that stage of life where we are just now REALLY starting to learn-about life, ourselves, other people, careers and so much more. But how do we know which road to take, what decision is the BEST one or how to deal with something that is really really hard?

Well, i dont think dealing with these problems gets much easier with age.. as we grow older we get a new set of problems. Things change as we change. 

From a religious stand point, praying really helps me. For instance, if i pray about making a decision and then I make that decision and I have peace about it, then I know it was the right one. But if you’re not a religious person, sometimes what is best is to know yourself. Know what you’re best at, what your potential is and what is in your heart. 

Making big decisions that can make huge impacts on our lives is never easy, especially if it involves others as well. But we have to do the best thing for us and to ensure that we give ourselves the best chance for our future. 

Most people are like, you’re 23 you should be living life up right now. While, sure we should be enjoying life, we can’t run away from adulthood. The better we prepare ourselves at this age, the easier things will be the older we get. 

So accept the confusion, tough decisions and even worse predicaments and be positive and do what you gotta do for the betterment of you. 
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Trying to Find Your “Calling”

First off, I want to say SORRY. I have been MIA for a little bit. I have been going through a lot, that has lead to me to writing this post.

If you’ve read my “about me”,  you know I have my BA in Psychology. Well, I graduated school last June and I landed my first job in July! Well, long story short, it’s just not what I hoped it would be…..and much less.

I struggled with the thought of quitting because I have been there for only ONE short year, I have amazing co-workers and I felt like I was being a quitter. But, then I realized. My job was affecting me outside of work, inside of work and everything in between. I felt like I never had any time away. Work followed me home and emotionally bothered me tremendously.

I realized that I am the type of person who naturally takes some things home with me. So, to have a job that causes so much stress, lack of sleep and emotional anxiety is not okay! So, I talked with family, friends and my boss about it. I came to the conclusion that I needed to get out. I needed to find something different. I am young, I need to explore and find what makes me tick. After all, mental health may not be my dream field, like I thought it was. I just realized I was not okay with being miserable in a job, regardless if it was my first job or not.

So, I am on a mission to find what exactly it is that I will love to do! My advice in finding your calling is never stop looking. Explore your options, experiment with different settings and absolutely never settle for less than something that allows you to be your best and use your skills.

I am not saying quit job after job because sometimes toughing certain situations out can be a good character builder, but always have a plan if you are going to leave a job. Sometimes, you have to take a risk to better yourself before you know what is best for you!

So if you’re feeling discouraged today because you just started your career and aren’t happy or feel stuck, know you are NOT stuck. You’re not tied to that job. Look around and take a chance on something that may not stand out to you at first glance, or find something else that does, but never stop trying to get better.

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Hormonal Teenager or Teenage Brat?

Its biologically, physically, emotionally and mentally obvious that teenagers all go through hormonal changes. That is when our bodies “mature”, but usually our brains are left pulling up the caboose for later years.

At this time is when most parents are tormented by the bad attitudes and roller coaster of emotions that teenagers experience during this time. But, I am a firm believer that parents can contribute to the unreasonable behaviors of teenagers during this time.

For me, I went through a lot of emotions-I was the definition of an emotional roller coaster, but I can’t blame it all on the hormonal changes because I was also a big brat.

I didn’t listen to my parents, I rebelled, I looked to people for advice that were worse off than I was. I was just reckless, which is easy for all teenagers, but parents play a big part in the behaviors of their teen.

For instance, a teenager having a screaming match with her parents because she didn’t get her way and then the parents just give in because they are tired of arguing….. what does that lead to? A BRAT. A child who knows how and which buttons to push and for how long to be able to get their way.

I was split with my parents. I had one that was tougher than the other on me, so being the little brat I was, I learned how to get my way with stuff OR at least ease my punishment.

How do we tell the difference between a brat and hormonal teen? Well, brats typically won’t apologize unless it is going to get them something they want. Brat’s never think they’re wrong, they dang sure won’t admit it. Brat’s are just flat out mean. While not every hormonal teen is a brat, most of us go through a bratty stage. But, remember parents, you play a role in it too. Stick together through the arguments, temper tantrums, emotional roller coasters and drama scenes because your teen needs a strong parental guidance to help them make the best decisions and to know they are responsible for their own behaviors. AND always be there and let them know, they have a full support system… that will love them no matter what, but will also hold them accountable.

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6 Reasons why High School Kind of Sucks


Some people would go back to high school a million times over. Others wouldn’t go back if they were paid a million dollars. High school was a “iffy” time for me. I enjoyed it at some parts and other parts really were awful. High school years are such an important time in every teenagers life because it contains multiple influential events that really effect a maturing teen.

I know we all make mistakes in high school, that is a part of growing up, but there are just some crappy things that are apart of most high school student’s life that when you think about it, really make high school suck.

Here is my list of the 6 biggest reasons why high school kind of sucks:

  • Going through hormonal changes. – girls and boys are all going through puberty and all of the complicated crap that isn’t fun for anyone. Our bodies are changing, minds are changing, and emotions are becoming more sensitive and reckless. It’s not a fun time for us and definitely not our parents.
  • Drama. – Oh my goodness. For girls especially. High school is drama city. It is just awful. Girls talking about girls, talking about guys, talking about anything under the sun that causes issues!
  • Keeping up with classes. – Well, you got to keep up with your classes, homework, exams. It’s not really that bad, but it’s definitely not fun.
  • Start having responsibilities. – High school is such an important time because we are learning to deal with OUR own responsibilities. We get our license, turn 18, most of us start to have a job. It is a time where we take our first few steps into adult-hood. Very scary and important time in life.
  • Learning to make GOOD decisions. –  Good decisions in high school were not my strong suit. I was always a good student, but had poor judgment and was impulsive. So, making good decisions is sometimes harder than it seems, especially with peer pressure.
  • Preparing for the future. – Towards the end of our high school journey we begin to look for colleges and figure out what we wish to do for our career. This can either be a time to flourish or to get set back. You can’t be lazy.

All in all, high school is a time to experience life and still be a kid, after all that is what we are in high school. But, it’s also a time to remember that adult-hood is just around the corner and we have to mentally and emotionally prepare for it. Between the drama, the decisions, the homework, the preparing, the tests and everything else, we actually learn to deal with a lot in high school, which is a good thing.

Now, they have these rooms that students can go in to cry if they are stressed about school or whatever it is. That’s a load of bull. We need to remember this is a time in our lives to experience heartache and difficulty, so that when we become adults and are out on our own then we can effectively deal with the real world. Not expect to have a cry room with ponies and bean-bag chairs to comfort us when we are stressed. This may be harsh to some of you snowflakes that just wear your heart on your sleeve, but suck it up. I promise it’ll help you in your future.

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Being Young and Dealing with Anger Issues

Getting upset is totally different than having anger issues. Sometimes anger issues looks like getting upset at the smallest things and going from 0 to 100 real quick OR being unable to control oneself in an anger inducing situation. We all get mad at things. Its an emotion, its normal. But do you find yourself or someone know not able to “shrug” things off without having a full blown outrage scene? This is an issue.

I am a believer that the majority of the time there is always an underlying reason for someone’s actions. Being angry, freaking out and attacking someone before they attack you can easily be a defense mechanism for some people. I was like that in high school. I bit everyone’s head off it seemed like. If you hurt them before they hurt you, its alright, right? WRONG.

This may be a defense mechanism at protecting yourself, but it is an unhealthy one at that. Experiencing anger is totally normal, how you handle it and let it effect you is the real important part to properly dealing.

Sometimes to deal with anger issues, it just takes time to grow and mature and learn the proper way to handle situations. Sometimes, things don’t change and you may need anger management therapy, or something to handle the deeper issues causing your anger. Depending on the situation we are in makes a big difference on how we react emotionally.

Sometimes I find myself becoming so annoyed and angry at crappy drivers in the road, I guess that could be a form of an anger issue? It literally makes my blood boil. I know we all have our pet peeves that just drive us nuts, but how often does that take a hold on you to the point you can’t control yourself? Sometimes I find myself trying so hard to not get upset and it feels almost impossible, I’ve gotten better with time.

Ultimately, anger is usually something brought on by “stabs” taken at us emotionally. We get angry out of fear or feeling the need to protect or defend. What is most important is to differentiate uncontrollable anger and anger that is being released in a healthy manner.