Being Young and Dealing with Anger Issues

Getting upset is totally different than having anger issues. Sometimes anger issues looks like getting upset at the smallest things and going from 0 to 100 real quick OR being unable to control oneself in an anger inducing situation. We all get mad at things. Its an emotion, its normal. But do you find yourself or someone know not able to “shrug” things off without having a full blown outrage scene? This is an issue.

I am a believer that the majority of the time there is always an underlying reason for someone’s actions. Being angry, freaking out and attacking someone before they attack you can easily be a defense mechanism for some people. I was like that in high school. I bit everyone’s head off it seemed like. If you hurt them before they hurt you, its alright, right? WRONG.

This may be a defense mechanism at protecting yourself, but it is an unhealthy one at that. Experiencing anger is totally normal, how you handle it and let it effect you is the real important part to properly dealing.

Sometimes to deal with anger issues, it just takes time to grow and mature and learn the proper way to handle situations. Sometimes, things don’t change and you may need anger management therapy, or something to handle the deeper issues causing your anger. Depending on the situation we are in makes a big difference on how we react emotionally.

Sometimes I find myself becoming so annoyed and angry at crappy drivers in the road, I guess that could be a form of an anger issue? It literally makes my blood boil. I know we all have our pet peeves that just drive us nuts, but how often does that take a hold on you to the point you can’t control yourself? Sometimes I find myself trying so hard to not get upset and it feels almost impossible, I’ve gotten better with time.

Ultimately, anger is usually something brought on by “stabs” taken at us emotionally. We get angry out of fear or feeling the need to protect or defend. What is most important is to differentiate uncontrollable anger and anger that is being released in a healthy manner.

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