Are You as Confused as I am?

Being almost 23 years old, we are in that stage of life where we are just now REALLY starting to learn-about life, ourselves, other people, careers and so much more. But how do we know which road to take, what decision is the BEST one or how to deal with something that is really really hard?

Well, i dont think dealing with these problems gets much easier with age.. as we grow older we get a new set of problems. Things change as we change. 

From a religious stand point, praying really helps me. For instance, if i pray about making a decision and then I make that decision and I have peace about it, then I know it was the right one. But if you’re not a religious person, sometimes what is best is to know yourself. Know what you’re best at, what your potential is and what is in your heart. 

Making big decisions that can make huge impacts on our lives is never easy, especially if it involves others as well. But we have to do the best thing for us and to ensure that we give ourselves the best chance for our future. 

Most people are like, you’re 23 you should be living life up right now. While, sure we should be enjoying life, we can’t run away from adulthood. The better we prepare ourselves at this age, the easier things will be the older we get. 

So accept the confusion, tough decisions and even worse predicaments and be positive and do what you gotta do for the betterment of you. 
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