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Hi! My name is Amber. I am a new blogger who is eager to create a space for individuals to talk about life: the ups, the downs and the small details that sometimes make us go crazy. I am looking for this blog to be an open and interactive place for interesting new posts, as well as, post that get into the “niddy-griddy” struggles of life. This blog will be a place you can go to for advice, encouragement, laughter and even learning from others mistakes.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and my preferred field has been Mental Health; However, I am starting this blog to reach those all over the world who seek to be understood and who need unbiased support. I am not a counselor/therapist or doctor, but I am a caring individual who wants to help those who are going through similar things that I have been through, or even more. I am young (22), so to all of the parents out there raising teens, I could be of good help to get in the minds of those confusing human beings!

I want this blog to be fun and open. I want this to be a two-way relationship-lets talk and help each other! I hope this blog can be encouragement to those who need it and a stress reliever to those who just need to relax. Life’s tough, so lets let it out and blog about it!