7 Things You Learned From Being a Kid

Growing up we are expected to “learn” as a child. Learn math, science, English, writing, blah blah blah blah. But, I want to know the interesting or weird things you learned as a kid. ALRIGHT, LETS GO!

I learned how to shoot a gun (bb gun – don’t freak out) when I was like 7, I think. My dad would throw targets in the air for me and I would shoot them out of the air.

I learned how to care for animals as a kid. We had horses, rabbits, chickens, dogs, cats, fish, hamsters. It was like fun on the farm everyday as a little kid! I think learning how to care for all of these animals is something that really began to teach me responsibility and I began to understand the value that animals have in our lives.

I learned to cook at a VERY young age. There were pictures of me in the kitchen, cooking with my dad. I was a coffee fanatic at a young age, so I loved to cook livermush and eggs with him and drink some coffee. For those of you that don’t live in the area where they have “livermush”, it sounds disgusting but it is like a staple in everyone’s homes here where I live. WARNING: if you decide to look it up, don’t read the ingredients…..just don’t.

I learned how to drive four-wheelers, go-carts and motorcycles as a kid. My dad had a four-wheeler track made in our yard (we had a lot of land). I would come home and want to ride four-wheelers. That was one of my most favorite things to do. I never had a serious wreck, thank the Lord, but one time my dad and I were riding in the snow and the four-wheeler flipped over on us. We just laid there and laughed.

I learned how to torment my sister as a kid! This one is probably a big one for a lot of people if you have siblings. Goodness gracious, I gave my sister a hard time growing up. I scared her and messed with her every chance I got! We used to fuss and fight all the time, until she got married and moved out and our relationship got so much better. I do feel sorry for my dad. He had to live with so much estrogen around him, the closest he got to a son was the dogs!

I learned how to “be tough” when I was little, especially around my daddy. I’m telling you. I would hold back tears, with a nail stuck in my foot, before I let my daddy know I was hurting. Like, I literally had a nail stuck in my foot that I stepped on. My foot was gushing blood, I don’t think I cried, I just let daddy clean my foot up.

I think one of the most important things I learned as a child was how to talk to God. Which, this is something that you see examples of all around you, but you have to really do it from the heart. This was one of the most useful things I learn as a child.

What are some 7 things you learned as a child? Comment below!

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