6 Reasons why High School Kind of Sucks


Some people would go back to high school a million times over. Others wouldn’t go back if they were paid a million dollars. High school was a “iffy” time for me. I enjoyed it at some parts and other parts really were awful. High school years are such an important time in every teenagers life because it contains multiple influential events that really effect a maturing teen.

I know we all make mistakes in high school, that is a part of growing up, but there are just some crappy things that are apart of most high school student’s life that when you think about it, really make high school suck.

Here is my list of the 6 biggest reasons why high school kind of sucks:

  • Going through hormonal changes. – girls and boys are all going through puberty and all of the complicated crap that isn’t fun for anyone. Our bodies are changing, minds are changing, and emotions are becoming more sensitive and reckless. It’s not a fun time for us and definitely not our parents.
  • Drama. – Oh my goodness. For girls especially. High school is drama city. It is just awful. Girls talking about girls, talking about guys, talking about anything under the sun that causes issues!
  • Keeping up with classes. – Well, you got to keep up with your classes, homework, exams. It’s not really that bad, but it’s definitely not fun.
  • Start having responsibilities. – High school is such an important time because we are learning to deal with OUR own responsibilities. We get our license, turn 18, most of us start to have a job. It is a time where we take our first few steps into adult-hood. Very scary and important time in life.
  • Learning to make GOOD decisions. –  Good decisions in high school were not my strong suit. I was always a good student, but had poor judgment and was impulsive. So, making good decisions is sometimes harder than it seems, especially with peer pressure.
  • Preparing for the future. – Towards the end of our high school journey we begin to look for colleges and figure out what we wish to do for our career. This can either be a time to flourish or to get set back. You can’t be lazy.

All in all, high school is a time to experience life and still be a kid, after all that is what we are in high school. But, it’s also a time to remember that adult-hood is just around the corner and we have to mentally and emotionally prepare for it. Between the drama, the decisions, the homework, the preparing, the tests and everything else, we actually learn to deal with a lot in high school, which is a good thing.

Now, they have these rooms that students can go in to cry if they are stressed about school or whatever it is. That’s a load of bull. We need to remember this is a time in our lives to experience heartache and difficulty, so that when we become adults and are out on our own then we can effectively deal with the real world. Not expect to have a cry room with ponies and bean-bag chairs to comfort us when we are stressed. This may be harsh to some of you snowflakes that just wear your heart on your sleeve, but suck it up. I promise it’ll help you in your future.

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